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Sexual De-Compartmentalization

Close Up Portrait

Are you compartmentalizing your sexuality? Too often individuals think that in order to be one thing they have to turn off their sexuality. Our society appears to even support this. You cannot be a mother, wife, business owner, CEO, Soldier, Athlete, etc. and be sexual.  Would you like to know a secret?  Sexuality does not have an on and off switch. You cannot turn it off when you do not need it and then just turn it back on again. In fact, the more you turn it off, the harder it gets to turn it back on. And then one day you are so disconnected with yourself that you cannot understand what happened, you feel empty, you feel like you are just going through life in a haze, this can cause depression, hinder your ability to empathize with those around you, and cause you to not be connected to the ones you love most. Let me help you reconnect with yourself, your full self. Learn how you can live in harmony with both your sexuality and your multiple roles in life. It is time for some self-care and self-love. It is time to be whole again.

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