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My name is Candice Bassett. I am a trained Somatica® coach. I am located in Vicenza, Italy. I have spent my life trying to overcome obstacles such as sexual abuse, toxic relationships, failures, and disappointment in myself and in others. I grew up like many others in the world, thinking that I had to fall in love, get married, and have those fairytale love stories that are often told. And then when things got bad, I struggled to make choices that were best for me because I was in a society that encouraged you to just stick it out for better or worse. Once I made the decision that my life, wants, needs, desires, and vision of love was my choice, I found that happiness truly is achievable. My goal is to help others better connect not only with others but, with themselves. I want to help you find your true desires and make the changes necessary to not only express those desires, but to remove the roadblocks that so often hold us back.

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Sex and Relationship Coaching is not psychotherapy. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed social worker or licensed marriage and family therapist and I do not offer therapy, psychotherapy or medical advice. I do however work with those individuals, and should you need assistance I can help you find someone that will meet your needs.

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