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Relationship Repair

It is no secret that relationships are hard work. It is also no secret as to the reason why. As children we are not taught how to create and maintain relationships. Funny enough we just end up being adults and magically we are supposed to know what to do in order to make others happy, solve problems, communicate your own needs, oh and when things go wrong, we can luckily just say we are sorry or try to fix it, right?  Actually no. Not everything needs a fix and saying sorry will only go so far. Come join me in learning how to have repair conversations. Learn how to better communicate not only with your partners but, with family, friends, your own children, bosses, and the list goes on. Knowing how to properly listen and navigating emotional and sometimes very painful situations is a skill that no one is perfect at but, it is a skill that we should all be continuously working on.

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